Fully Funded ASEAN Peace Project in Manila, Philippines

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Deadline : February 26, 2016

Type : Fully Funded – ASEAN Peace Project in Manila, Philippines


The ASEAN Peace Project is a community development initiative focused on contributing to the peace and environmental protection efforts of the conflict-affected southern regions of the Philippines and Thailand through youth-led social enterprise initiatives. The project will identify 30 aspiring Filipino and Thai social entrepreneurs who will gain skills and experiences through an accelerator program aimed at conceptualizing products and services through a series of capacity-building workshops, lectures, and training sessions.

The ASEAN Peace Project will target areas in Southern Thailand as well as the island of Mindanao in the Philippines, both of which are considered to be hotbeds of conflict as well as vulnerable to climate change and environmental decay. The further degradation of the environment in these two regions also subjects the conflict-affected communities into a multitude of livelihood risks and challenges, including poverty, crime and disease, as well as water and food insecurity.

Travel, food, accommodation and material expenses are sponsored by the program! You might want to bring some extra money should you decide to buy any interesting souvenir or personal items in the city!

Goals and Objectives

  • Promote social entrepreneurship as a strategy for community-driven solutions in conflict-affected areas in the Philippines and Thailand;
  • Provide participants with applicable best local and international practices in achieving peace and environmental sustainability;
  • Create a network of young social entrepreneurs from the Philippines and Thailand who will develop innovative solutions through business with social and environmental impacts;
  • Foster inclusive community development by facilitating collaborative business model among the youth, business leaders, government agencies, and non-profit organizations and;
  • Enhance and integrate environmental peace-building with entrepreneurship.


Participants will be selected based on their leadership qualities and track record, including volunteer activities, educational background, and community service experiences, among others. We are looking for individuals who will be able to demonstrate their potential to make a difference for and address the challenges confronting their communities.

All ASEAN Peace Project applicants must:

  • Be between the ages of 18 and 25 at the time of the program;
  • Be able to demonstrate their commitment to peace-building, environmental protection, and/or social entrepreneurship;
  • Be currently a full-time undergraduate or graduate student; recent graduate of college, university, or other institutions of higher learning; or young professional who has recently joined the workforce;
  • Be a resident of the following areas: Mindanao, Philippines and Southern Thailand, although exceptional applicants from other cities or provinces may be considered if they meet all other eligibility criteria

How to Apply

  • Completely fill out the ASEAN Peace Project 2016 application form. Send this along with a scanned copy of your photo ID (e.g. Passport, Government-issued ID, School ID). You can download it here: ASEAN Peace Project Application Form (PDF)
  • E-mail your completed form to APPLY@ASEANPEACEPROJECT.COM using the subject heading format:

ASEAN Peace Project 2016 Application LAST NAME, FIRST INITIAL.
(E.g. ASEAN Peace Project 2016 Application LAGARE, C.)

You can also print and complete the form and submit it via post to:

Ferth Vandensteen L. Manaysay
2730 Manila Venetian Hotel
Aurora Blvd. Cor. Felix Huertas
Sta. Cruz, Manila
Philippines 1104

For detail information, please visit official website