Exchange Program University of Tsukuba

Exchange Program for Fall Semester 2016 at University of Tsukuba, Japan

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Exchange Program University of Tsukuba

Deadline: April, 28 2016


Junior Year at Tsukuba Program (JTP) has hosted hundreds of international students who have been eager to study in Japan. It is not necessary for you to be fluent in Japanese to participate in the program, and yet you can take great advantage of cultural and academic opportunities. In order to assist you with your study of the Japanese language, culture, science, and technology, the JTP currently offers a variety of courses in English.

How to Apply?

Application Procedures

  1. Confirm that your home university has a student exchange agreement with the University of Tsukuba.
  2. Apply for the exchange program at the University of Tsukuba with the International Office or through the Exchange Advisor (Coordinator) at your home university. There may be a preliminary screening.
  3. Applications are then sent to the Exchange Coordinator at the University of Tsukuba by post. The coordinator evaluates the study plan and recommends candidates to an appropriate college or graduate school participating in the student exchange agreement.
  4. Qualified applicants will be recommended for the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) scholarship by Tsukubaʼs selection committee.

This application should include:

  1. Application Package Cover Sheet and Checklist
  2. Application for Exchange Student/Exchange Research Student at the University of Tsukuba (Form 2)
  3. A formal letter of request for admission to President of the University of Tsukuba
  4. Official transcript of academic records
  5. Application for Certificate of Eligibility *Please read the sample before filling out and sending the EXCEL file to the Division of Student Exchange ( from each applicant’s Email address.
  6. A copy of your passport, if available (copies should include ID page and pages with Japanese immigration stamps, if any)
  7. A certificate confirming the bank account balance that he/she intends to use to support his/her study. (In case of the application being a self-supporting student).


    Supporter’s certificate of balance of bank account balance and certificate of income plus certificate of employment (In case of the applicant having a financial supporter, such as a parent or third party).

    A document that certificate that the applicant is a recipient of a scholarship from his/her own country (if applicable)

8. Three ID photos of different sizes

  • Two (2) pieces 40mm longx 30mm wide (One is to be attached to the application: the other is to be sent together with application materials)
  • One (1) piece 30mm x 24mm wide (to be sent together with other application materials). For your kind reference, please click here to see ID photo examples.

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