Valeo Innovation Challenge 2016

Valeo Innovation Challenge in Paris 2016

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Valeo Innovation Challenge 2016

Deadline : 2016-01-15

Type : Fully Funded

Orgabizer : Valeo

Location : Innovation Challenge in Paris 2016


Do you have an idea for an innovation that could transform the car of the future? Enter your bold idea for a better car and get an opportunity to make automotive history – and a chance to win €100,000!Valeo is offering young students worldwide the opportunity to make the car of 2030 and the way it’s used more intelligent, intuitive, green and fun. Comprising teams of two to five people, students from any discipline can take part by presenting a relevant, innovative project in English. The aim is to stimulate the students’ creativity, enabling them to form multidisciplinary teams.

Valeo Innovation Challenge 2016 highlights:

  • Valeo will provide €5,000 to 24 semi-finalist teams to design a prototype
  • Valeo will bring the 8 finalist teams to Paris for the awards ceremony in October 2016
  • The top team in the category “Best Innovation” will win ‎€100,000
  • The top team in the category “Best Idea for a New Way to Use Cars” will win ‎€100,000
  • The second-place teams in both categories will each take home €10,000


  • Undergraduate level
  • Graduate level

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