Citizen Journalism School Yala Academy Fall 2016

Citizen Journalism Program for the Fall 2016 in Yala Academy

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Citizen Journalism School Yala Academy Fall 2016Deadline: July 31, 2016


The YaLa Academy’s Aileen Getty School of Citizen Journalism brings together leading journalists and new media experts to train Middle Eastern and African youth in basic journalism techniques, photo- and video-journalism and 21st Century activism. Building upon an initiative launched in 2014 in partnership with the U.S. Institute of Peace, this online program is a unique combination of new media training and peacebuilding experience. In regions where media is too often a tool for nationalism, division and fear, YaLa citizen journalists are being empowered to express themselves and tell a very different kind of story.


If you are interested in meeting young activists from all over the Middle East, become part of a network of Citizen Journalists making their voice heard, and learn how to write blogs, make videos and take photos to become a Citizen Journalist this is the program for you! Program is for people aged 17-35 from the Middle East and Africa. Come learn from leading journalists in the field and make a change!


The internet allows the voices of civil societies to be heard globally; a power once reserved for only the largest media and news corporations. We must make the best of this opportunity and use it to build bridges for a better, more peaceful future.

The program will train participants to become citizen journalists experienced in writing blogs, taking photos, making videos, using new media tools and engaging in dialogue and peacebuilding. The content created during the program will focus on issues important to the young generation of the Middle East and Africa, such as gender, identity, politics, social justice and culture, and will be featured on the YaLa Press platform:

So, what are you waiting for, be part of a network of young, trained, informed citizen journalists who are actively engaged in dialogue, as well as in the promotion of understanding and peace through journalism – be a YaLa Citizen Journalist!

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