BCFN YES 2016 The Research Grant Competition

BCFN YES 2016: The Research Grant Competition

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 BCFN YES 2016 The Research Grant Competition

Deadline : July 27, 2016 (11:59 p.m. Eastern Time)


BCFN (The Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition) YES! (Young Earth Solutions) is an international competition for young students and researchers from across the globe. It is launched for the first time in 2012, the aim of the initiative is to reward the best ideas about food and sustainability. Projects are assessed by an international jury according to their social impact, innovation, originality and feasibility and the best win a monetary prize to implement them.

Due to the success of the first four editions, which saw hundreds of participants from all continents take part, BCFN YES! 2016 is back with a new competition that invests in young researchers by supporting PhD level education with a study grant.

Researchers from across the world are invited to present innovative high-impact projects, capable of meeting global research requirements, that are in line with the central themes of the BCFN Foundation such as food, nutrition, health and sustainability.

The BCFN Foundation has opened the research competition BCFN YES! 2016. For a grant of €20,000, researchers from across the globe are invited to put forward projects and concrete solutions on the themes of food and sustainability.

The aims of BCFN Yes! 2016

  • to encourage young scientists to conduct research on issues relating to food and nutrition
  • to favour collaborative research;
  • to open new fields of research and create new generations of experts;
  • to promote clear analyses with high scientific value;
  • to identify solutions to improve food safety and guarantee healthy and sustainable nutrition.
  • To find out all the details, how to take part and the requirements, please download the competition documentation.

Topic Areas

  • Sustainable and healthy diets;
  • Urban food systems and policies;
  • Resilient agriculture, land use change and agroecology;
  • The nexus between climate change, energy and food;
  • Sustainable water management;
  • Food supply chains;
  • Ecosystems and ecosystem services;
  • Healthy lifestyles;
  • Food waste reduction;
  • Food policy development;
  • Food security: availability, access, utilisation, stability;
  • Communication technologies and networks;
  • Youth and women’s involvement in agriculture;

BCFN encourages submission of

  • Either new or ongoing research projects;
  • Either unfunded proposals projects that are co-financed by a research institute, trust, foundation, university, private companies, venture capital Fund angel investors. Details of research timeline and supplemental sources of financial support should be specified in the application form.


The BCFN YES! Research Grant Competition is designed for individual or multidisciplinary and/or cross-national research teams that consist of a maximum of three components (hereinafter “Participants”). Students/applicants who are currently pursuing doctoral degrees are eligible, as well as researchers/applicants with a PhD or a doctoral degree received after December 2014. All the Participants must be under the age of 35 at the date of December 31, 2016.


Stage One. The BCFN YES! Research Grant Competition Evaluation Committee Wills compile the ranking of all project ideas submitted and will select, by September 20th 2016, the best finalist projects (up to a maximum of ten). The finalist Participants will De contacted by e-mail starting September 21, 2016, and asked to confirm their attendance do the 7 BCFN International Forum on Food and Nutrition (Milan – November 30, December 1). The Foundation BCFN will reimburse the travel expenses incurred by Finalists, provided The have been duly approved in writing beforehand by the BCFN Foundation, and subject to The submission of proper supporting travel documents by the Participants.

Stage Two. At the time of the final evaluation scheduled to take place during the 7 International Forum (Milan – November 30, December 1) , the finalist Participants will give apresentation before the judges’ panel and the Forum’s audience, using the method defined Bay BCFN.

Stage Three. The best project amongst the finalists selected by BCFN will be proclaimed the “winner” of the BCFN YES! Research Grant Competition 2016 at the sole discretion of the Judges’ Panel (made up of the members of the Advisory Board of the Foundation BCFN and by other experts in topics related to food and nutrition, appointed by the Advisory Board).

For more information, please visit official website.