APICS Global Student Challenge 2016 in Washington DC US

APICS Global Student Challenge 2016 in US

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APICS Global Student Challenge 2016 in Washington DC US

Location : Washington, D.C, United States

Type : Fully Funded


The Fresh Connection APICS Global Student Challenge is designed as an annual competition between student teams from across the globe. It offers them a challenge and a learning experience at the same time. Students in a team of four have to make the best strategic and tactical choices for the value chain to save the virtual company, The Fresh Connection, from financial ruin. This Challenge is a unique opportunity for students striving to gain more experience and a chance to boost their careers.

The virtual producer of fruit juices, The Fresh Connection, is delivering to retail channels. As the company is suffering severe losses, a new management team has been appointed. Four participants take up a role in this new management team:

  • Vice President Purchasing
  • Vice President Operations
  • Vice President Sales
  •  Vice President Supply Chain

The team has the assignment to make the company profitable again by realizing the highest possible Return on Investment (ROI). The participants do this by making strategic and tactical decisions and optimizations in the complete value chain.

The 2016 edition once again promises to attract hundreds of university teams from tens of countries, and several thousands of participants. The theme for the 2016 challenge is: “Innovate and create a multi-channel world class supply chain” On September 23rd, prior to the APICS 2016 Conference, there will be a spectacular Final in Washington D. C., USA. The continent winners of the Challenge will compete alongside 9 APICS District Case Competition winners to become The Fresh Connection World Champion!


Why take up the Challenge?

  1. The Fresh connection is a tool used by countless corporates around the world to train their professional staff. This Challenge gives students the unique opportunity to use this professional tool and obtain a valuable experience for their future career.
  2. By participating in the Challenge you also participate in The Talent Connection, which is talent program of the Challenge. Major corporations, are looking in The Talent Connection for perfect matching candidates for their internships and job vacancies.
  3. The teams compete for a total of $ 5,000 in cash prizes!
  4. The participating teams can win a trip to Washington D.C., Columbia, USA where the Finals will take place.


  • The team consists of 4 full-time students.
  • The students are from the same institution.
  • The students are in their final or pre-final year of studies.
  • The students will not graduate before April 1st
  • Students agree to join The Talent Connection which is the talent program of the Global Student Challenge.

Teacher endorsement is optional this year. Teams can be endorsed by a teacher from their institution, who will be able to guide the team and therefore will be appointed a watch role to allow monitoring team performance. In order to endorse a team, the teacher needs to register and all four students of the endorsing team have to select the teacher’s name through their account.

Please consult our How to guide to find out more details on how to register and prepare your team for the Qualification Rounds.

You can start forming your team by registering here!

Global Challenge Rounds

The qualified student teams will participate in 3 Global rounds starting April 25th until June 3rd 2016. The time period of each round is fixed and will be announced on this website and on The Fresh Connection portal (accessed granted with the login details) in due time. During the Global rounds the participants will have to complete additional individual assignments.

Finalists will be declared the best scoring team of every continent, Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

Grand Finale

The continent winners of the Global rounds will be invited to Washington D.C. for the TFC APICS Global Student Challenge Grand Final on September 23rd 2016. They will compete alongside 9 APICS District Case Competition winners to become The Fresh Connection World Champion.

To complete the Supply Chain Management experience, the Grand Final will be followed by the APICS 2016 Conference.

The Contest timeline

  • December 2015: Open pre-registrations
  • January 4th 2016: Start Qualification Rounds
  • March 31st 2016: End Qualification Rounds
  • April 25th 2016: Start Global Competition
  • June 3rd 2016: End Global Competition
  • September 23rd 2016: Grand Finale in in Washington D.C., USA

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